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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Campbell on Defensive is No Candidate for Cleveland Uber Alles Via Callahan's Cleveland Diary is this press release from "Campbell for Cleveland" in reaction to a poll that shows Frank Jackson ahead by 20%:

This evening Channel 3 will broadcast the results of theirrecent poll... The results they will broadcast are fallacious. Jackson 54 -Campbell 34 and here's why. The demographics which should be 50/50 east and west and 50/50black and white are: 61% east 54 % black 15% seniors 60 % under 49. The senior number is ridiculous. Seniors and over 50 year oldsare the largest voting blocks [sic]. Our internal poll completed last week showed the race dead even.
So, if one is to believe Campbell or her supporters' version of the demographic breakdown of the city she represents, then it's an even split, 50-50 between blacks and whites. Not only is this claim demonstrably false, with whites representing 41.5% of the city's population and minorities representing the other 58.5%, it also suggests that in pursuit of Campbell retaining the privilege of representing this majority minority city, she or her supporters are willing to engage in the worse kind of race baiting, as in, "You can't trust a poll that weights its sample with respondents from the east (i.e. blacks) and samples too many blacks. Don't you worry, Campbell supporters, White Cleveland (most of which is old, ready to die in its little crackerbox homes on the far West Side) will come out and save you from the black menace of a Jackson administration." This is ugly stuff--the sort of subtle racist spinning that usually gets Republicans elected--and Cleveland Uber Alles condemns it for it is. Now, if only some reasons to vote for Jackson would make themselves clear. An aside: why aren't any of our "young professionals" running for an upstart Green or Libertarian party, threatening to put up windmills on all of the Euclid corridor's vacant lots or something?


At 3:29 PM, Anonymous Daman said...

Why indeed?

Jackson and Campbell are so much the same politics, just shooting for different demographics.

It is truly a shame that the city is so democrat-entrenched that a poor choice between two like, democrat candidates outweighs, even precludes, a decent independent candidate from running and winning.


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