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Saturday, December 31, 2005

CleveWiki Via Brewed Fresh Daily I see that a woman named Julie Kent has just founded an wiki site dedicated to becoming the definitive guide to Cleveland. A local blogger, Stuart Spivak has some interesting posts up about the project. For the time being, I'll merely note that efforts to create a CleveWiki are in league with the collaborative, virtual map of the city that I proposed for this little blog only a couple of days ago, though the things I imagine tracking and writing about are not the sort of things that might make their way into CleveWiki's various content areas (I'm more interested in oddments, like that giant "Read My Lips" Rooster sculpture on Chester Ave). The entire wiki phenomena is a fascinating one: the ability to have an endlessly revised and user-edited text hints at all those promises that the last decade's technocrati made about the democratizing power of the web, but it also points to the peril of that any technology of this sort has of becoming just one more way by which people will be "gamed by the system." Free information and diversity of content and voices often gets put to poor use. Funny how now, when Americans have unprecedented access to a free flow of news and information, when the internet gives them a portal into a heretofore unheard of diversity of opinion, they are all the more likely to be uninformed and downright wrong about reality. So the question is: what will CleveWiki ultimately look like? Here's hoping that our city's brightest and shrewdest made thoughtful contributions to it, and that a healthy number of folks will be doing their part to make sure its not just an annex to, say, the AOL City Guide.


At 11:57 AM, Blogger Julie said...

Hey, thanks for the mention. We're looking to including anything and everything that might be of interest to Clevelanders (and visitors), and if you want to document things like that giant "Read My Lips" Rooster sculpture on Chester Ave, then I'm all for it. :) I can create a special section: Cleveland Oddities (or some other name..haha).


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